About Customer Solutions Group

About Customer Solutions Group

We are the experts at Sales Connections, turning leads into meaningful connections and qualified sales opportunities for companies who sell high consideration products, such as Insurance, Mortgages, Higher Education, Loans, and Debt Consolidation. Our proprietary outreach methodology has been developed over 30 years through connecting more than 100 million leads, allowing us to outperform client control groups and other providers. Backed by our exclusive technology and data science, we employ a multi-channel approach including an onshore team of live call agents, SMS, AI, data analytics, and extensive testing to optimize lead engagement and maximize conversion rates.

Our clients report that we are:

  • Best for turning leads into customers: We consistently outperform client control groups and competitors.
  • Best for getting the most out of every lead: We ensure every lead is fully worked and optimized.
  • Best for impact to the bottom line: Our clients report lower cost per sale and higher revenue.
  • A trusted brand partner: We have longstanding relationships with America’s largest brands.
  • We maximize the value of every lead: Sales and Marketing leaders hire us to ensure they are getting the optimal return on every lead they buy or generate.
  • We are experts at increasing sales conversations: We boost connections by 15% on average across all lead types.

By leveraging advanced data analytics, we gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences, allowing us to tailor strategies with precision and effectiveness. Whether it is identifying the most opportune moments for outreach or crafting personalized messages, our data-driven approach ensures every connection is impactful and all revenue opportunities are captured.

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