Trusted Brand Partner

Our clients tell us over and over that we connect to their leads better than they can. Many are big national brands who have been CSG clients for years. Because we focus only on connections, invest in specialized technology, and read data from entire industries rather than single companies, we are able to extract the most value from their leads even though their sales and marketing budgets exceed CSG’s total revenue.

As one of the largest EDU marketing and companies, we handle all the marketing academic advising for many of the largest universities in the US. They rely on us to generate and convert leads into enrolled students. The EDU lead market is extremely competitive, quality leads are expensive, and it is critical to have the best lead conversion solutions in place in order to enroll new students within a target CPA range. For 10 years we used internal resources and an outsourced vendor to get students talking to our enrollment advisors and the results were acceptable. About a year ago, however, we hired CSG to test if our lead to enrollment metrics could be improved. CSG’s 30 years’ experience and technology investment really paid off for us! We talk to 12% more prospective students when CSG manages the lead connection and qualification process. We are so impressed that we are migrating new universities onto their platform each quarter.

Kaplan University

Enrollment Department Executive

LeadCloud helps companies scale real-time API integrations with multiple partnerships through a single point of integration in order to buy, sell, score, validate, append, decision, and route data to one or many endpoints through a single connection. We have partnered with CSG many times over the past 20 + years and they are top notch! Their team ensures all data flows smoothly and we never have to worry about data integrity or system issues. They make new campaigns extremely easy to get off the ground with easy documentation, excellent technical support and consistent, error-free throughput. CSG is one of my favored partners.

Brandon Debenham

Vice President Lead Cloud

Red Ventures creates leads for several of America’s top brands. One of our Fortune 500 clients connected us with CSG. They are professional, analytical and smart at converting leads into qualified sales conversations. We recently combined SMS with an integrated outbound call cadence and saw over a 10% lift in conversions! Having all media on one platform makes testing and analysis a breeze. The results are so encouraging that I’m introducing CSG to my colleagues in other divisions of Red Ventures.

Mitch Hillbrands

Director of Operations

A Fortune 1,000 life insurance firm with over $5 billion annual revenue needs many new policyholders each year to keep growing. As leader of the advertising and customer acquisition for the enterprise, I fueled our sales funnel. I had many options available to my team but when I gave a lead to CSG, I knew it was going to yield the most sales conversations possible. They are experts at connecting leads to our agents and were instrumental in helping us achieve our sales goals.

National Brand Life Insurance Company

Early in my career I was an Allstate agent and quickly learned about both the complexity and importance of leads. Finding sources and converting the data affordably is hard for small agencies to execute on their own. I founded The Lead Clinic to give other agencies a leg up, and now hundreds of them count on Lead Clinic for a steady flow of new prospects. The #1 problem however for agencies is that they often do not have the resources to effectively contact and engage these valuable leads. I wanted to make sure that our agency clients were not missing out on the potential value of each lead and realized that we could help them by engaging with companies that are experts at turning leads into qualified prospects. I tested a few options and CSG quickly came out as the clear winner. Although there were cheaper options, the overall ROI with CSG was far greater. CSG immediately fixed the biggest problem my agency clients have with data leads by applying a consistent, smart and effective outreach strategy to every single lead. Conversion rates shot up right away. I recommend CSG to anyone with leads to convert.

The Lead Clinic


Customer Solutions Group applied a custom campaign that proved successful. Their hands-on approach and professionalism helped us launch a new product. I would definitely use CSG for any future endeavor.


Sales Executive

Our sales improved significantly. Customer Solutions Group is a professional, ethical, and practical advisor on all things related to inside sales. I was particularly impressed by the quality of their representatives!

Western Union

Inside Sales Executive

As a leader responsible for programs designed to follow-up and convert unsold leads into policyholders for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, I have worked with CSG continuously for over five years. CSG’s account team developed a lead outreach and qualification campaign for us that is second to none. They proactively recommended and tested different cadences, scripts, and messaging to optimize performance and drive lead value. Their analytics and experience guided these tests and netted additional policyholders with a positive ROI – routinely outperforming our control groups. I would not hesitate to recommend CSG as a strong and capable business partner.

Mark Entenman

Marketing Analytics

Customer Solutions Group has been a terrific business partner over the years. Their insurance and internet leads background have been invaluable in developing our program, and I would highly recommend them.

Safeco Insurance

Policy Sales Executive

As Vice President of Revenue Optimization and Analytics at The General Insurance, I was focused on maximizing return on our marketing budget and utilized a comprehensive set of analytical tools to carefully measure spend against results. CSG’s platform and detailed reporting capabilities were perfectly aligned with our goals. Their on platform head-to-head testing produced statistically accurate tests with real-time results posted in their web portal. This made figuring out what media and cadence made the best economic sense more accessible. CSG was on the same page as us the whole time….winning campaigns were expanded while lesser ones were cut. They are a true strategic partner. It was great to work with a partner who continuously aligned to our interests.

Jay Fontanini

Revenue Optimization